Google Analytics is a powerful web analytics tool. A Google Analytics can make user t rely on it to establish goals, analyze campaign performance, drive e-commerce, and gain a deeper understanding of customer behavior.

1. Focus on content people care about
Make sure the content on these most-viewed pages is up to date and accurate, since it's the content the majority of visitors care about.
2. Streamline site navigation
Pay attention to the path to the most viewed pages on a site.
Change your website's navigation to reduce the number of taps (or clicks) it takes for visitors to get to popular pages.
3. Make sure your site works well for visitors
Google Analytics tracks the tools people use to access your site. You can identify whether people use desktops, tablets, or phones . You can also see which mobile devices and browsers people use
4. Improve promotions
Find out how visitors arrived at your site with Acquisitions Overview . The data tells you the percentage of visitors who typed/tapped the address in ("direct"), followed a link from another site connected with a link from social media, or arrived at the site after a search

Check in on your Google Analytics data periodically. For many small to midsize businesses, a look at Google Analytics data each month